Books for Final Papers

Epic of Gilgamesh
Egyptian Book of the Dead                                                                                          
Iliad by Homer                                                                                                              
Odyssey by Homer                                                                                                   
Pentateuch (first five books of OT)
Republic by Plato                                                                                                     
Oedipus by Sophocles                                                                                                
Fables by Aesop                                                                                                     
Lives by Plutarch
Odes by Horace
History of Rome by Livy
Jewish War by Josephus                                                                                                  
Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus
On the Nature of Gods, Divination, and Fate by Cicero                                                   
On the Natural Faculties by Galen
Works and Days by Hesiod
Aeneid by Virgil                                                                                                               
Metamorphisis by Ovid
Gallic War by G.J.Caesar                                                                                               
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Letters of St. Paul                                                                                                           
Pastoral Care/Rule by Gregory the Great
Conferences by John Cassian
Confessions by St. Augustine                                                                                             
City of God by St. Augustine                                                                                            
Prayers and Meditations by St. Anselm
Divine Comedy by Dante                                                                                                 
Canterbury Tales by G. Chaucer                                                                                      
History of the Kings of England (King Arthur) by Geoffrey of Monmouth                         
Arthurian Legends by Chretien de Troyes                                                                                               
Letters by Abelard and Heloise
Song of Roland
Decameron by Bocaccio
Book of the Courtier by Castiglione
Le Morte D'Arthur  by Mallory
High History of the Holy Graal
Golden Legend J. de Voraigne
A geste of Robyn Hode
Orlando Furioso by Ariosto
The Lay of the Cid
Notesbooks of Leonardo DaVinci                                      
The Prince by Macchiavelli
Lives of the Artist by Vasari
Volsunga Saga

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